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不是真的那你发个屁,你他妈受过啥刺激,操 你妈的,一天天闲的吧你,什么破逼网站,有 个鸡毛意义。你他妈把自己写上去吧,反正你 也没死
(10/12/2017 07:52:02)
Are you fucking kidding me? What's wrong with you? Eat some bull shit.
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(28/12/2016 08:46:58)
Night Warsisawa
(13/09/2016 15:42:47)
It's growin too fast.
(13/09/2016 15:38:17)
(13/09/2016 06:20:13)
H B4
Emperor Rothschild
(13/09/2016 06:13:26)
Soon my children.
Soon we will become one.
(13/09/2016 04:59:14)
(05/08/2016 15:49:59)
Please get up and do something isn't meaningless.
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(06/03/2016 00:47:29)
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(14/02/2016 00:39:52)
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The world was a chrysalis pnelat , however the chrysalis was damaged. Under the anxiety of science and mechanization the old order had become effete, the old patterns of life could no longer be healthily lived; yet the new order along with the new mentality could not be born. The swarms of human creatures whose minds had been moulded to the old patterns were plunged from security into insecurity and bewilderment. Hence, wherever the breakdown from the old order was far gone, a new order did indeed start to emerge, ruthless, barbaric, but armed with science and intricately fashioned for war. And war in that age, though not perpetual, was never ever far away. In one particular area or a further from the pnelat there was nearly continually war. No sooner had one particular war ended than a further started elsewhere. And where there was no actual war, there was the constant fear of wars to come.
(10/02/2016 15:23:12)
He strove to cretae the understanding not just go in addition to each stage of the teaching, but, if feasible, precede it. Anything which might be found out by thinking I under no circumstances was told, till I had exhausted my efforts to locate it out for myself. As far as I can trust my remembrance, I acquitted myself quite lamely within this division; my recollection of such matters is almost wholly of failures, hardly ever of results. It really is correct the failures were frequently in things in which results in so early a stage of my progress, was almost not possible. I don't forget at some time in my thirteenth year, on my taking place to use the word idea, he asked me what an idea was; and expressed some displeasure at my ineffectual efforts to define the word: I recollect also his indignation at my applying the frequent expression that a thing was correct in theory but expected correction in practice; and how, following creating me vainly strive to define the word theory, he explained its which means, and showed the fallacy of the vulgar kind of speech which I had employed; leaving me completely persuaded that in getting unable to offer a appropriate definition of Theory, and in speaking of it as a thing which may be at variance with practice, I had shown unparalleled ignorance. Within this he seems, and perhaps was, quite unreasonable; but I assume, only in getting angry at my failure. A pupil from whom nothing at all is ever demanded which he cannot do, under no circumstances does all he can.
(06/02/2016 05:15:45)
How can this man, Humberto Zurista, be dead two days before his obituary says? Today is the 5th of February. Seriously?
(23/11/2014 16:55:24)
Id there was a prize for the most idiotic website, then this one would be my No 1 candidate. Oh see the people die daily and the date changes daily too..even tomorow, this piece of crap lists it already....
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